Beef blockchain buzz: Technology adds teeth to traceability

The first blockchain was developed in 2008 by an anonymous coder to launch the global digital currency Bitcoin, a virtual monetary system that bypassed banks (and pardoned the lives of many squirrels). The vernacular is “the blockchain,” however, anyone can apply the technology, and a variety of companies today peddle their versions of blockchain platforms. Theoretically, kids trading marbles could enter transactions into a designated blockchain. Real-world examples of potential uses, though, include digital voting, land and title transfers, tax regulation, medical recordkeeping, or more controversial notions of weapons tracking or workforce regulation.

Wyoming Network News: “Wyoming Ranch Uses Revolutionary Technology for World’s First Blockchain Branding”

The goal of the trial partnership between Wyoming Certified Beef, LLC and German-based traceability company TE-FOOD is to showcase the premium living conditions of the cattle (grass-fed on an open range) thereby producing much higher quality cuts of beef to lucrative foreign markets.

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